Why Your Organisation Should Consider Video Production

Here at WAV-LAB we’ve seen how big companies have acquired their own video production teams. These ‘big fish’ understand how important video is in their business marketing strategy, so much so that they are willing to employ dedicated video production teams full-time.

For small-to-medium businesses and organisations though it seems that either they don’t realise the importance and effective impact that video can have for them, or they believe that video production is well outside of their budget.

It’s no secret that changes in technology in the last few years have made video production equipment cheaper and widely available. Almost every man and his dog now has the ability to shoot HD video from a device sitting in their pockets.

But it’s one thing to film the family dog chasing his own tail, and it’s another to produce a video that gets across a particular message clearly and efficiently.

The change in technology and the drop in cost of video equipment has had an effect on the video production industry too. It is cheaper than ever before to have an affordable and effective video produced for you or your organisation.

Here are some reasons why you should consider video production in your
business marketing strategy:

  1. Video Cuts Through the Crap.

    The products and messages of different organisations are often complex. It’s easy to communicate that you are, say, a bricklayer. But communicating why you are an expert bricklayer and why someone should hire you over another bricklayer is complex.
    Explaining all this in text format can be overwhelming. Video is a format that all people understand, and it is able to go to the root of the message without overwhelming the viewer.
    This is down to the one age-old rule of filmmaking: “Show, don’t tell.”
    Videos allow you to show the general idea you are trying to focus on, and the written or spoken aspect can focus on the more complex and technical parts of your message. Tied together with creative and inventive visual and audio decisions makes video an incredibly powerful communication tool.

    For example, many organisations now have an ‘explainer’ video on the landing page of their website. An explainer video is usually animated, and allows for the communication of even the most complex ideas or products in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

    Why would anyone read a boring blog-post like this when they can watch a short, entertaining, and informative video on the same topic instead?

  2. Even the Laziest People Will Watch Video

    Studies show that people are more likely to respond to a video advertisement than a text ad. Videos are dynamic and eye-catching, and on many platforms, such as Facebook or Youtube, advertisements are set to auto-play. This means that your audience is guaranteed to glimpse the first couple of seconds of your video.

    The trick is to create a video that is compelling and interesting enough in the first couple of seconds that your audience will continue to watch until the end.
    Up to 75% of people say that they would share a branded video if it was entertaining and compelling. That’s incredibly effective, and is the type of organic promotion that even the big companies can’t buy!

  3. Video is Great for Search Engines

    You may have noticed that Google and other search engines now place videos in their search results. Why just have a link to your website on a search results page when you can have one or more videos listed as well. Build and improve your online presence with video as well as with your website and social media channels. Google didn’t spend US$1.65 billion on Youtube for nothing!

  4. Video is Highly Integrable

    Video doesn’t just sit around on Youtube twiddling it’s thumbs. It has greater ambitions than that. It wants to be embedded on your website, in your blog posts. It wants to be shared around on Facebook and Instagram. It wants to show up on Google search results for your organisation. It wants to travel the world in your emails. Yeah, that’s right. Make your emails interesting for once and put a video in them.

If you haven’t considered having a video produced to get your message across, then you should start considering it now.

This is WAV-LAB’s mission:
to provide video and audio production
without the extra fuss and cost.

We run a small, flexible crew who can get in, get the job done, and deliver you the final product on budget and on time.

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